Summer work

23 Oct

I made a ton of work this summer, but didn’t find a lot of time to post.  I finished a ton of pieces from my series on memories. Here are a few pictures that show what I have been up to:
I am me and you are you, we make paper airplanes behind the couch for hours
Miss Havisham Borderlands Chasing and Hiding Kingswood Fern Hexenspiel

Some of these have been up on here before in various stages of work in progress, but they are all done and mounted!  I still have a few more in this series to work on, and a couple more I would like to draw out and start.

The next series is going to be very text heavy, and this is the only piece that is 100% completed:Untitled – quote from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

For this next series I have quotes and text I want to use, mostly about art itself. I got the technique of spray painting the paper cuts down with this piece, and am really happy with the metallic silver. I think the next one will be metallic copper.  Currently this piece is up at the Tangled exhibit at the WSAC until next Saturday, October 29th. Stop by for gallery hours on Saturday and see a ton of great work!

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