A million awesome things

13 Feb

1) I got a grant to do art! I mean, I still had to go to work the next day, but still!  Huge thanks to the Mass Cultural Council, and the Somerville Arts Council. I applied along with several friends back in October, thinking why the heck not. It was a great experience to make myself catalog all my recent work, and write up a full CV and artist’s statement.

Then to top it all off, I got a notification mid-January that I actually received a grant. My first ever! So so so so excited. As part of the grant, you get to put on an event to show what you have done, which leads me to my next point. I love art and Somerville and Massachusetts!

2) Marissa and I are putting on a zine event, called the Spring Zine Thing for April 15th. Check out that facebook event link and reserve a spot to sell or trade your zines! Spread the word, this will be a really fun afternoon of hanging out with cool zine people. We are putting this on as a Small Craft Advisory event, and SCA is also working on the Union Made summer fair as well as starting to work out the details for the Bazaar Bizarre of December 2012. Plus anything else fun we can think of before then.

I’m going to make a zine with Marissa for this about getting inspired about art and stuff. You should make one too!

3) The other event I am crazy about is what we are referring to currently as DREAM TEAM; a collaborative art show for September 2012 at the WSAC, with three of my talented artist friends Lauren, Alex, and Sarah. Seriously so excited. We are planning this so far in advance because we are unstoppably awesome. So you might as well mark off the entire month of September to make sure you are free to come see this show. To get myself a worked up into a frenzy I am…

4) Signed up to take a paper cutting workshop with Béatrice Coron at Mass Art in March. HOLY CRAP IM SO EXCITED SHE IS AN AMAZING ARTIST.

5) I have done a bunch of stuff with art and friends in general this winter.  I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Lady Fest Boston people for their January events at WSAC, and donated 2 pieces of art to their benefit auction. I had a piece up at 13Forest in Arlington for their show Plenty. I have silkscreened some collaborative projects with friends for Gather Here. Just so I have another picture to break up all this text, here are some photos Jen took of me making a quick sidewalk sign for Lady Fest in Central Square. Try not to think about me touching the sidewalk in Central too much. I am not easily grossed out, but this was pretty gross and I washed my hands 5 times in a row afterwards.

I will make a post with some actual art I made soon! I guess all of the above shows how busy I have been. You can also read some miscellaneous posts I have made over at the WSAC blog or the BBB blog in the meantime if ya innerested.


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