Somerville Open Studios May 4th – 6th

30 Apr

I am participating in Somerville Open Studios (SOS) again this year at the Washington Street Art Center. My studio is a messssss because I have been doing a ton of work! This year my buddy Marissa Falco is coming to hang in my studio with her art too! I have a couple pieces left to finish this week, and a ton of cleaning up to do. I also just hung my show up in SCAT for the month of May. Thanks again to SCAT, and Janet and Wendy for having me on the artists show and in the gallery for this month.

Unfortunately I have to work at my bill-paying job on Saturday, but I will be in the studio Friday night and all day Sunday if you want to stop by and chat. My studio will be open all 3 days though. We are 321D Washington Street, Somerville MA. Friday night is a new SOS program of having an extra day(night). At WSAC, Gretchen – photography, Tara – mixed media and drawing, and Danielle – painting and fibers, as well as Marissa and I will all have our studios open. Other artists might be around too, but no promises that their studios will be ready for viewing. The gallery at WSAC will also be open with our group show previewing some of everyone’s work.

The Union Square area (Union Squarea) is a great place to stop by for SOS, since it is very close to several of Somerville’s big studio buildings. WSAC is in Zone F on the SOS maps at spot 108, and have 20 artists, with most of them participating in SOS. Our buddies Fringe are just on the other side of the tracks as well at spot 109, and Zone E on the other side of Union Square has Joy Street, Brickbottom, Mad Oyster and Pearl Street studios, all hosting many artists in the same building.

Here are a couple more previews. Top to bottom is Lauren Leone’s encaustic and mixed media, Murat Recevik’s reclaimed and repurposed wood sculptures and panels in process, and a new piece by me that is only partially done in this photo. It is titled ‘Hey Girl’, will be hung in the gallery, and is for sale!

Untitled Untitled  Washington Street Art Center SOS

See you at SOS!


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