I forgot about the internet

8 Jul

Since my last post here, I had some art up in some other shows, made a ton more art, went some places, hung out with some people, went to a million weddings. I also decided I didn’t really like having an internet presence. So I deleted facebook and instagram. I kept a private twitter, but mostly didn’t post for 6 months, and am still considering deleting it altogether.

I do still post on flickr and make art tho. Here are some photos of some junk I have been playing around with.
Sasparilla stenciling on metallic blue paper.
Metallic blue paper was really hard to photograph in fluorescent lights, but the stencil came out good and I love sasparilla plants.

Hand stitched quilting completed
Beautiful giant quilt my friends and I made for our friends’ upcoming wedding.

Papercut doodle of a big beetle. About 3 inches long.
Tiny paper beetle.

Work in progress. It's 900 degrees in here and I have a summer cold! :/
Just the beginning of a smallish sized piece that will be up at the next show at Washington Street, opening July 12th.

I also made myself a ton of clothes – mostly dresses and leggings, and took a class that is the beginning of me going back to school to hopefully get a masters.

So yeah! I haven’t decided to delete this blog so I figured I might as well post in it.



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