Animated gifs, papercuts and drawings <3

26 Apr

No lie, I love animated gifs more than pretty much anything on the internet.  The past few weeks I have made a couple. The first one is made with images from my phone, from a piece I started and finished tonight. All told, if you cut out the minutes I was just standing around chatting, it took about 2 hours start to finish. I didn’t spend much time taking photos, or making the anigif. I didn’t color correct or straighten anything except for the first frame with the final piece. I also originally saw this hand signal/symbol online, and it has been stuck in my head ever since.
Papercut Time Elapse

Small Craft Advisory is running a fair outside in Union Square this summer, which we are pretty excited about. I made this little gif using the poster drawings made by Elise. I played around with the original flyer elements (seen here) to make this goofy reminder to vendors to apply before apps were down. Deal with it!

Union Made

And via a twitter exchange with my buddies from Gather Here, the idea for SKIRT WEEK was hatched. GH is planning it as a week of double-session skirts. 5 days, 5 different skirt patterns that you learn how to make and walk out wearing, all during the much-loved Shark Week. There are few things I love more than summer and sharks (well, as I mentioned at the top, my love of anigifs knows no bounds, so this ties it all in pretty well). This anigif is made from drawings that I did. I just did them as black line drawings on paper. I scanned them in, cleaned them up in photoshop, and then added in the colors with the paint bucket, and the text. Fun and easy.

Skirt Week at Gather Here

All of these gifs were simply made using the Animation screen in CS4. There a loads of online tutorials, and I highly recommend that everyone play around with making anigifs. They are the best.


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