1 Nov

I really love drawing and paper cutting hands. All the little precise creases and joints are so satisfying to  measure out and get correct.

Here is an in-progress piece that I started last week, and got about 2/3 of the way finished. Nine hands in total! You can see that I drew a grid to help me space things out. Just like with hand lettering, I like to have a grid down to make sure I can do repeat shapes and images evenly so they look like they are on the same plane or in the same perspective. I measured the finished size of the paper, which I think was 12″x16″, and measured out the halfway point on each size. From there I just drew the rest of the grid using the width of my ruler, which is about an inch. Not a perfect grid, but enough to go on.

And here is a completely finished piece, just 2 hands, titled ‘Swearing is Still Fun’.  I did this really quickly at the beginning of last week. It was started from a sketch, and made into a finished drawing, completely cut out and spray painted in 1 hour.

In the end, the border will be underneath the mat, but for positioning the papercut with either spray adhesive or studiotak on the back, the square frame really helps with laying the final piece flat when there are so many thin lines. This week I hope to finish the hands piece, as well as get a few other pieces matted and framed.

I am also putting together a benefit art auction called Something Sweet which I will post about more tomorrow on the BazBiz blog to get the word out. It is a group effort of artists at the Washington Street Art Center to benefit the Somerville Homeless Coalition. I luckily got the task of finding artists to participate! So far we have received almost all of the pieces for the auction, and it was really awesome to go through all my favorite current local artists and ask if they would want to participate.  So much great work, the show is going to look amazing. There is a bit about the show up on the WSAC website, as well as tons of links, images, and info up at the Something Sweet facebook event. Come by Friday November 4th from 6-9 for music, food, and silent auction for some totally amazing art!




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